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Widespread Storm Damage Cleanup - How We Operate

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

We may be only in the middle of September, but the weather is changing drastically. Across the United States, we are seeing more earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, and flooding. These natural disasters happen during winter and storm season, and they can last for months. December through February are typically our busiest months! One big tip we have for homeowners: if you can’t take your valuables with you (photos, frames, sentimental items, documents), put them in your dishwasher, if it’s dry. Dishwashers are hard to destroy, even during a disaster, and they most likely will remain sealed. These are the types of storm repairs we handle on a seasonal basis. 

Although we become occupied with emergency losses, we make sure not to neglect a single disaster in our community. Our franchises work together when there is a large loss emergency that devastates a community. Dozens of SERVPRO companies are gathering together to work on flood cleanup due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. When we see a need, we don’t hesitate to get organized. Even with smaller losses in our communities, we hire more technicians, work extra hours, and operate on storm mode. We are bigger than any disaster when we work together!

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Why is Fire and Water Damage Cleanup So Essential?

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

Although we see many homes affected by water, fire, and even mold damage, we also see commercial buildings such as stores, schools, county buildings, and even churches affected by damage. Having a plan of action to take care of your business, or a business you manage, is essential so business doesn’t lose revenue. Here are some typical places where we perform commercial restoration and repair. 

Did you know approximately 50% of businesses who experience severe fire or water damage don’t reopen? That’s not only revenue lost, but memories for the community. We see churches affected by water damage because often, the worship halls are vacant for several days until Saturday or Sunday services. Churches also are typically staple buildings of the community, and may not have updated piping or electrical work done.

Schools can’t afford to lose time away from teaching! Having a company that you can contact ASAP when there is water damage on a Saturday morning is essential so classes can continue Monday. Don’t hesitate to contact the restoration industry that has been in business since 1967, and has grown to over 1800 franchises - SERVPRO of Palmdale/Acton!

Palmdale Water Loss Repair

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

How can water damage start?

The slightest issue can become the biggest nightmare with water damage. Often, damage occurs from something that you would never have thought would cause a huge mess.

Often, we receive calls about water lines in toilets or refrigerators breaking, thus causing water to leak everywhere. Whether you have laminate, tile, carpet, or hardwood flooring, the ground will be affected differently each time but equally painful towards your checking account. OR, a pipe could break in the wall. OR, the sink could be accidentally left on while you’re arguing on the phone with a creditor. Do you know what to do if your house gets wet?

What else could go wrong?

What else can really grind your gears? Imagine the loss happening when you’re not home, when you’ve been on vacation, or this residence is one of your rentals, or the loss started in the house next door. We have seen many scenarios of water losses. Thus, our experience in dealing with water loss repair in Palmdale is quite extensive!

Combined with years of experience, on the job training, up to date Continuing Education, consistent positive customer service, and a wonderful Corporate team, we can make every fire and water loss project “Like it never even happened.”

Palmdale Fire Damage Cleanup Services - Prompt and Professional

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Our 1-4-8 timely guarantee

Due to the nature of the restoration business, we pride ourselves in responding promptly to emergency situations. Within 1 hour of getting a phone call from a concerned potential customer, we respond back to advise them on how to handle their fire damage situation. Do you run a business that was affected by damage? Do you have insurance? When did the damage occur? When are you available to meet with a technician? Do you own the home that was damaged?

After 4 hours of an emergency call, we will be at your residence. Whether you have fire damage in the Palmdale/Acton areas due to a busted water heater, or water damage after being gone for a week, we can come to your residence with our equipment. Finally, after a long day of making phone calls, signing paper work, and getting the restoration process started, we can give you and your insurance company (if you decide to use your homeowner's insurance policy) an idea of the work that we need to do and how much it may cost.

Does all this information see to be too much to handle? Then just take care of it, one bite at a time! Give us, SERVPRO of Palmdale/ Acton, a call at 661-272-1499.

Mold Removal Services in Palmdale and Acton

9/6/2017 (Permalink)

Although we pride ourselves on being primarily a residential fire and water damage restoration company, we also have other areas where we excel and maintain excellence. Check out these photos of vandalism, mold, and commercial work for yourself to see the various areas where we must switch gears to help those in need.

Do you know who to contact if you need mold removal services in Palmdale, or Acton? We are proud to serve these areas. With all the severe weather, storms, flooding and the like that are happening around our country, we understand it is devastating to have to leave your home and come back to it in shambles. Other franchises are working hard to fix those areas, and many are on standby.

If you find yourself in an emergency water damage situation, we can help remediate the damage so mold doesn’t grow. We can also prepare your home for construction workers if the work is needed. Often, we are confused with construction companies because of the demolition we perform. However, performing that work is necessary to get to the damage that’s eating away at the structure of your home. Once our part is complete, we can get you ready to have your home put back together.

Do you need any of the services listed above? Call SERVPRO of Palmdale/Acton immediately at (661)272-1499. You won’t regret the first step you take to get your home back on track.